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RoadMap refreshed

We did some cleaning in the mORMot official RoadMap.
Now feature requests tickets will detail all to-do items we would like to implement.

Current framework RoadMap and implementation is in fact going into a pragmatic direction.
No need to make all framework's unit compatible at once: so we introduced some client-dedicated units, without any dependency on SynCommons.pas.

We would like to implement (in this order):

The CrossPlatform folder already contains units which compile under all Delphi compilers (VCL and FMX), and FPC.

But perhaps we would move the server to Linux, either via FPC, or using Delphi itself!

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Some thoughts about OSX integration in XE2

You know all that one of the most exciting features of Delphi XE2 is the MaxOSX Cross-Platform feature.
You've got the UI part, that is FireMonkey, but underneath, you did have some RTL modifications in order to let our Windows-centric solutions be OSX ready.

The first main step was to make our code speak with the "Objective-C" way of coding.

Objective-C is the primary language used for Apple's Cocoa API, and it was originally the main language on NeXT's NeXTSTEP OS. It's some object-oriented C variant, but something other than C++ or Java. In fact, Objective-C sounds more like a SmallTalk variance of C than another  C++/Java/C# flavor. For instance, the Objective-C model of object-oriented programming is based on message passing to object instances: this is just another way of doing it. It has some advantages, and disadvantages (I don't want to troll here) - but it is definitively nice. And the memory model is just something else, more close to our reference-counting way (as in Delphi interface implementation) than a garbage collector.

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Damnatio Memoriae

You sure heard about the "CrossKylixGate"... A Great tool I used for years (CrossKylix) has just been updated. Its author (named Simon) posted an announcement in the Embarcadero forums. Then the post has been deleted by "Team B" members, because of some old story.

But not only Simon has been censured. Since I like and use this free tool, I posted a very "soft" post just with the announcement of the CrossKylix update, with some explanations and precisions. No debate. Just a link to the download page. Then my whole thread was deleted.

It just sounds like a "damnatio memoriae" to me.

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