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mORMot 2 Release Candidate

The mORMot 2 framework is about to be released as its first 2.0 stable version.

The framework feature set should now be considered as sealed for this release.
There is no issue reported still open at github or in the forum.

Please test it, and give here some feedback to fix any problem before the actual release!
We enter a framework code-freeze phase until then.

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List your app on mORMot ShowCase

If you use our little mORMot framework in any of your project, commercial or not, please report it to a new forum thread dedicated for this!
Sounds like if more and more projects are using our little rodent...
The cross-platform clients did increase its popularity, as far as I found out, in the last days.

Furthermore, if you accept that your application is quoted in our framework documentation and web site, and/or your logo displayed, please notify it in the application post or by email to us.

The first listed application - EasyMail7 Client-Server Email Marketing Solution - is indeed impressive, and shows well the Client-Server and storage abilities of the framework.

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Adding JavaScript server-side support to mORMot

A long-time mORMot user and contributor just made a proposal on our forums.
He did use mORMot classes to integrate a SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine to our very fast and scaling HTTP server, including our optimized JSON serialization layer.

Today, he sent to me some of his source code, which sounds ready to be included in the main trunk!

This is a great contribution, and Pavel's goal is nothing less than offering
Delphi based, FAST multithreaded server with ORM and node.js modules compatible.

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Breaking change of *FillPrepare() method parameters

I like very much user participation (SCRUM / Agile is my moto) - I never believe to be always right nor write perfect code, and I'm convinced Open Source projects are also about sharing ideas among people of good will.

So when an active member of the forum reported his confusion / concern about some of the ORM methods of our framework, it appeared that some re-factoring was necessary.

There was a breaking change about the TSQLRecord.Create / FillPrepare / CreateAndFillPrepare and TSQLRest.OneFieldValue / MultiFieldValues methods: for historical reasons, they expected parameters to be marked as % in the SQL WHERE clause, and inlined via :(...):.
Since revision 1.17 of the framework, those methods expect parameters marked as ? and with no :(...):.

For instance, instead of writing:

you should write now:

The void [], array (used for replacing % characters) is not to be written any more, since the default is to use bound parameters via ? and not textual replacement via %.

Due to this breaking change, user code review is necessary if you want to upgrade the engine from 1.16 or previous.

In all cases, using ? is less confusing for new users, and more close to the usual way of preparing database queries - e.g. as used in SynDB.pas units.

Both TSQLRestClient.EngineExecuteFmt / ListFmt methods are not affected by this change, since they are just wrappers to the FormatUTF8() function.

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Draft Documentation of the Synopse SQLite3 Framework

As a tutorial about SynProject, the documentation for the SQLite3 framework itself has been generated for the first time.

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Please help and add our blog to DelphiFeeds

If you like our units, please go and visit the Delphi Feeds site. Please login and vote for us! I think it could be a good idea to add our blog to the Delphi Feeds.com list. Discussion continues on our forum.


Synopse Forums

We just launched a dedicated forum for all Synopse components. Available from http://synopse.info/forum