Recently, Linux support appeared on the official Embarcadero Delphi roadmap, as "Linux server support for DataSnap and WebBroker, including RTL and database access".

Perhaps we would consider using this approach, if it is quicker to implement than FPC.
The current FPC implementation is slow down by diverse RTTI details, whereas we may guess that Delphi would be more consistent on this point.

But if the Linux future Delphi compiler is NEXTGEN-based, it would be a show-stopper to us, since we reject the backward incompatibility breaks introduced by this compiler branch.

We just hope that the future Linux Delphi compiler will be based on the main x86/x64 compiler, just like Mac OS X compiler, not on the NEXTGEN compiler: only the linking part may be diverse. Since they already add Linux support years ago with Kylix, I hope they would be able to cross-compile to Linux platforms.

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