Enhanced Faster ZIP Support in mORMot 2

The .zip format is from last century, back to the early DOS days, but can still be found everywhere. It is even hidden when you run a .docx document, a .jar application, or any Android app!
It is therefore (ab)used not only as archive format, but as application file format / container - even if in this respect using SQLite3 may have much more sense.

We recently enhanced our mormot.core.zip.pas unit:

  • to support Zip64,
  • with enhanced .zip read/write,
  • to have a huge performance boost during its process,
  • and to integrate better with signed executables.

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Transmission between mORMots

Little mORMots have a very efficient transmission protocol, in their mountains...

Most mORMots are highly social and use loud whistles to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed.
As stated by Wikipedia

In a comment of the already quoted blog article about DataSnap performance issues, Tom asked this interesting question about mORMot, after I presented how we like to use http.sys kernel-mode server to achieve best performance possible over HTTP:

What about TCP communication, http is not the only Internet protocol. Protobuf, Thrift, MsgPack, BSON etc, is binary protocol and http i big overhead in some systems.
Did http.sys enable use of tcp/ip socket protocol?

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Synopse PDF Engine 1.18

Our SynPdf library was released as part of every mORMot version. But the stand-alone .zip was still in 1.15 revision. I have updated it, and now it reflects the latest version from our source code repository (i.e. 1.18). Open Source, working from Delphi 5 up to XE3. Thanks to nice proposals - like  […]

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Total Commander 64 bit is using... Lazarus and FPC

I'm a long-time registered user of Total Commander.

This tool is my daily file manager. I never use Windows Explorer, since Total Commander is just faster, more easy to use (especially with the keyboard), has a lot of plug-ins. I even created my own plug-ins to access some custom file formats, and navigate into them just like with any folder. And it includes a lot of well written commands for FTP access or file comparison, which made other tools (like WinMerge) unnecessary.

There is a new beta version of Total Commander available, which targets Windows 64 bit. I just thought: 'Whoo, this is a real-world Delphi XE2 64 application'. I downloaded and tried it. Worked as expected, and integrates seamlessly with Windows Seven (for the shell extensions). Then I took a look at the executable... and discovered it was not compiled with Delphi XE2... but with FPC !

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Which Delphi compiler produces faster code?

After a question on StackOverflow, I wanted to comment about the speed of generated code by diverse Delphi compiler versions.

Since performance matters when we write general purpose libraries like ours, we have some feedback to propose:

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How to unzip or zip files content

Didn't you ever wanted to unzip some archive content, or embed a zip file into your exe?

Didn't you ever wanted to create a zip archive file, from some data in memory, in pure Delphi code, without using any external dll?

One of the open source unit we use allow you to do these tasks in a easy way.

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Pure pascal LZO and SynLZ compression units

In our Source Code repository you would have perhaps noted the SynLZ.pas and SynLZO.pas units.

These are two in-memory compression units, optimized for speed.

SynLZ is a brand new LempelZiv-based compression algorithm, the fastest around for compression speed, so very suitable for using on Server side, with very low CPU consumption.

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