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Synopse PDF Engine 1.18

Our SynPdf library was released as part of every mORMot version. But the stand-alone .zip was still in 1.15 revision. I have updated it, and now it reflects the latest version from our source code repository (i.e. 1.18). Open Source, working from Delphi 5 up to XE3. Thanks to nice proposals - like  […]

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Authentication in mORMot using Windows credentials

By default, the hash of the user password is stored safely on the server side. This may be an issue for corporate applications, since a new user name / password pair is to be defined by each client, which may be annoying.

Since revision 1.18 of the framework, mORMot is able to use Windows Authentication to identify any user. That is, the user does not need to enter any name nor password, but her/his Windows credentials, as entered at Windows session startup, will be used.

Thanks a lot Chaa for making public your code proposal!
Open Source is so great sometimes!
Keep the good work!

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Updated mORMot benchmarks on another HW configuration

With a refreshed hardware, and the latest code modifications of the framework code, I run again the benchmark sample.

The new PC has an Intel Core i7-2600 CPU, running on Windows Seven 64-bit, with anti-virus (Norton) fully enabled.
Oracle 11g database is remotely accessed over a corporate network, so latency and bandwidth is not optimal.
Still no SSD, but a standard 7200 rpm hard drive of 500 GB.

The results are impressive, when compared to the previous run using a Core 2 Duo CPU - mORMot's optimized code achieves amazing speed on this platform.
And I guess the 8MB of L3 cache of the Core i7 does wonders with our code.

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"Trop c'est trop" - No Client-Server for XE3 PRO users

Here is some unbelievable news retrieved from "Te Waka o Delphi" blog:

From XE3 onwards, your Delphi Professional EULA will prohibit you from using Delphi Professional for anything other than local data access.
If you want to build client/server database applications using Delphi Professional, you will be required to purchase a “Client/Server Add-On” pack.

This goes beyond the fact that you do not get (or can otherwise use or install) client/server drivers for the DBExpress or other “built in” data access frameworks, but extends even to 3rd party data access technologies.
That is, whatever you may be able to do or achieve – technically – using some 3rd party component or library with you Delphi Professional compiler, you cannot legally create a client/server application.
Never mind any 3rd party components or libraries, this same prohibition will apply even if you are using naked, unadorned Microsoft ADO.

Damn show-stopper for me.
Embarcadero is killing Delphi.

Our very own mORMot Open-Source framework is fully Client-Server oriented, and allow creating scalable Client-Server applications even with an Oracle DB system back-end, even with XE2 starter edition (direct access, without any DB.pas / DBExpress layer).

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Synopse mORMot Framework 1.16

Our Open Source mORMot framework is now available in revision 1.16.

The main new features are the following:

Thanks to its features, mORMot is now able to provide a stand-alone Domain-Driven Design framework for Delphi.

Quite a long and nice road for a little mORMot, and more to come!

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Smart: mORMot, from Delphi to JavaScript

Did you hear from the great Smart project?

It is an IDE and some source runtime able to develop and compile an Object-Pascal project into a HTML 5 / CSS 3 / JavaScript embedded application.
It does target AJAX Mobile application creation (i.e. Android and iPhone/iPad apps running Web-Kit).
You'll get an unique .html file containing the whole client-side application: it won't need any server side implementation. Using a third-party tool like PhoneGap, you'd be able to supply your customers with true native applications, running without any network, and accessing the full power of any modern Smart Phone.

Smart is a great candidate for implementing rich client-side AJAX applications, to work with our client-server mORMot framework.

In order to interface Smart code with mORMot, we started implementing some low-level code to work with our RESTful authentication scheme.

So we'll need to implement some Smart dedicated Open Source code implementing crc32 and SHA-256 hashing.

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AJAX authentication

A nice framework user, named esmondb, did write and publish some JavaScript code to handle our RESTful authentication mechanism.

It seems to work well, and implements all secure hashing and challenging.
Our authentication mechanism is much more advanced than the one used by DataSnap - which is a basic HTTP authentication with the password transmitted in clear (this is the reason why it shall better be used over HTTPS, whereas mORMot can be used over plain HTTP).
Resulting JavaScript code seems not difficult to follow, even for a no JS expert like me.

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Synopse SQLite3 framework is now mORMot

In case you were redirected from the previous "Synopse SQLite3 framework" category link, here is the new thread to be used instead: http://blog.synopse.info/category/Open-Source-Projects/mORMot-Framework Since revision 1.15 of the framework, it is able to connect to any database engine  […]

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Synopse SQLite3 framework 1.14

Our ORM framework has been released as version 1.14.

It's mainly a bug-fix release:

  • Integrated SQLite3 engine updated to latest version;
  • Fix several issues about JSON generation layout;
  • Enhanced automated User Interface generation for object on-screen edition;
  • SynPdf unit now handles Bézier curves from TCanvas, and some CMYK functions; also enhanced PDF/A-1compatibility;
  • Some speed enhancements, and new functions for the SynOleDB unit.

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SQLite3 Framework updated to 1.11 - including engine 3.7.4

The Synopse SQLite3 Database Framework was just released under version 1.11:

- internal SQLite3 database engine is updated to version 3.7.4;
- new TSQLRecordMany to handle "has many" and "has many through" relationships;
- new TSQLRecordFTS4 class, to handle the new FTS4 extension module;
- new RANK() function available in SQL statements for ranking FTS3/FTS4;
- introduces new TSQLite3DB, TSQLite3Statement, TSQLite3Blob, TSQLite3Value and TSQLite3FunctionContext types to clarify SQLite3 internal handle usage;
- new sqlite3_busy_timeout and sqlite3_busy_handler low-level functions, with new TSQLDataBase.BusyTimeout property;
- now handles User Defined Functions, via sqlite3_create_function_v2 and corresponding sqlite3_result_* functions;
- new MOD() and SOUNDEX() functions available in SQL statements;
- a lot of code refactoring, speed improvements, numerous fixes, new methods.

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htm2pdf free tool

Using our SynPDF library and a public domain THtmlView component, and discussion with some of our users, we were able to make a html to pdf conversion tool.

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Draft Documentation of the Synopse SQLite3 Framework

As a tutorial about SynProject, the documentation for the SQLite3 framework itself has been generated for the first time.

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How to unzip or zip files content

Didn't you ever wanted to unzip some archive content, or embed a zip file into your exe?

Didn't you ever wanted to create a zip archive file, from some data in memory, in pure Delphi code, without using any external dll?

One of the open source unit we use allow you to do these tasks in a easy way.

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SynProject is an open source application for code source versioning and automated documentation of Delphi projects.

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Please help and add our blog to DelphiFeeds

If you like our units, please go and visit the Delphi Feeds site. Please login and vote for us! I think it could be a good idea to add our blog to the Delphi Feeds.com list. Discussion continues on our forum.


Synopse Forums

We just launched a dedicated forum for all Synopse components. Available from http://synopse.info/forum


SQLite3 Framework version 1.7

Our SQLite3 Framework has been updated into the 1.7 version. For Delphi 7 to Delphi 2010.

Mostly User-Interface (reporting) enhancements, and some bug fixes.

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