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Synopse SQLite3 Framework 1.13

This is a major step for the framework.

Among a lot of new features and bug fixes:

Open Source project, for Delphi 6 up to XE, licensed under a MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license.

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TSQLRecordRTree to implement R-Tree virtual tables

An R-Tree is a special index that is designed for doing range queries.

R-Trees are most commonly used in geospatial systems where each entry is a rectangle with minimum and maximum X and Y coordinates. Given a query rectangle, an R-Tree is able to quickly find all entries that are contained within the query rectangle or which overlap the query rectangle.

 This idea is easily extended to three dimensions for use in CAD systems. R-Trees also find use in time-domain range look-ups. For example, suppose a database records the starting and ending times for a large number of events. A R-Tree is able to quickly find all events, for example, that were active at any time during a given time interval, or all events that started during a particular time interval, or all events that both started and ended within a given time interval. And so forth. See http://www.sqlite.org/rtree.html

Since the 2010-06-25 source code repository update, the RTREE extension is compiled by default within all supplied .obj files of the framework.

A dedicated ORM class, named TSQLRecordRTree, is available to create such tables. It inherits from TSQLRecordVirtual, like the other virtual tables types (e.g. TSQLRecordFTS3 or our custom virtual tables).

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