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GitHub temporary unavailable from comand line?

Perhaps it is due to a lot of projects moving from closing Google Code to GitHub, but I experimented some GitHub random communication errors since last week.

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Tip about Fossil ticket reports

It appears that version 1.25 of Fossil did change the ticket storage behavior:

Enhancements to ticket processing. There are now two tables: TICKET and TICKETCHNG. There is one row in TICKETCHNG for each ticket artifact. Fields from ticket artifacts go into either or both of TICKET and TICKETCHNG, whichever contain matching column names. Default ticket edit and viewing scripts are updated to use TICKETCHNG.

As stated by the official Fossil Change Log.

It appears that it just broke existing reports, so we had troubles with display of the ticket on our site.

Since we managed to find a workable solution, we would like to share it on our blog, to save other users time!

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mORMot on GitHub

There was a long-standing request from customers, about putting all our source code repository to GitHub.

We like a lot our self-hosted Fossil repository, and will continue to use it as our main system, including issue tracking and wiki, for our official web site.

But we created a repository on GitHub, on https://github.com/synopse/mORMot

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New Source Code Repository

A source code repository is now available, and will centralize all future source code update.

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