Some patches, provided by ALFred, did introduce some new platforms under Linux:

  • Linux x86 (aka Intel 32-bit)
  • Linux x64 (aka Intel 64-bit)
  • Linux AARCH32 (aka ARM 32-bit)
  • Linux AARCH64 (aka ARM 64-bit)

It needs the latest trunk version of the FPC compiler, and the "Interface Enhanced RTTI" patch.

Here is a screenshot of Lazarus running all SOA tests (including asynchronous callbacks via WebSockets) on a remote ARM 64-bit box:

Thanks a lot, Alfred, for the hard work, and all the time spent during debugging!
There was some low-level asm involved here, to invoke an interface, or create a fake interface implementation on the fly... not any easy task...

Any feedback is welcome on our forum, as usual!