The Release Cycle

Like any living form, even silicon-based, the mORMot has its own cycle of life, following the coding seasons and commits history.

This was time to publish a new stable version of our Open Source framework for Delphi and FPC.
We want indeed to make some official releases in a regular way, to ease integration into end user projects.

Here is an extract of the release notes:


  • (C)LDAP, DNS, (S)NTP clients
  • Command Line Parser
  • Native digest/basic HTTP servers authentication
  • Angelize services/daemons manager
  • TTunnelLocal TCP port forwarding
  • SHA-1/SHA-256 HW opcodes asm
  • 7Zip dll wrapper
  • OpenSSL CSR support
  • PostgreSQL async DB with HTTP async backend (for TFB)
  • LUTI continous integration cross-platform farm


  • Upgraded SQLite3 to 3.42.0
  • Stabilized Mac x86_64/aarch64 platforms
  • Lots of bug fixes and enhancements

Feedback Welcome

Some of the new features were already discussed in this blog, but you are free to ask for more on our forum, as usual.

There was also a lot of small but meaningful changes and enhancements in the source code tree.
Especially in the HTTP/REST part, to reach the top of the TechEmpower Framework Benchmark ranks.