Here are the slides of my two 1-hour sessions.

mORMot Cryptography

The OpenSource mORMot framework has a strong set of cryptography features. It offers symmetric cryptography with hashing and encryption, together with asymmetric cryptography via private/public key pairs. Its optimized pascal and assembly engines can be embedded into your executable, but you could also call an external OpenSSL library if needed. This session will present mormot.crypt.* units, and apply them to some use cases, from low-level algorithms to high-level JWT or file encryption and signing.

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I just had an interesting discussion with Michael on FPC new gitlab platform: the FPC RTL is gaining some official cryptography functions, and I proposed to use mORMot code base as reference, and to introduce some RTL wrapper functions which can redirect to a plain pascal FPC RTL version, or use another engines, like OpenSSL or mORMot, if available.

Server-Side REST Notifications with mORMot

The most powerful way of writing REST services is to define them via interfaces, then let the SOA/REST framework do all the routing, data marshalling and communication behind the scenes. One distinctive feature of mORMot is to define a method parameter as a notification interface, and let the server call back the client when needed, as with regular Delphi code. This session will present the benefit of defining REST services using interfaces, and how WebSockets can offer real-time notifications into your rich Delphi client applications.

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