If you dream to work on great projects with a team of talented developers and with technologies you love and believe in, Tranquil IT wants to hire you too.

Tranquil IT is based in Nantes, on the French Atlantic coast. If you have the right skills and you are self-driven, you can work in Nantes or remotely (as Arnaud does).

Our team is fluent in English, mORMot, Lazarus, FreePascal, Python and system administration. Tranquil IT is best known for developing one of the most useful tool to help private and public organizations prevent cyberattacks, WAPT Deployment software. Tranquil IT is also known for her work with Samba Active Directory.

We have a lot of ideas to improve WAPT, so join us, bring ideas of your own, and become part of the mORMot / Tranquil IT adventure!

To apply, contact us at rh (at) tranquil (dot) it.
Vincent CARDON, Président

PS: You can send your resumé to this email address, preferably with links to code you proudly wrote (we enjoy reading nice code!). Indicate whether you are interested on working on the mORMot framework, on improving on Lazarus/FPC components, or working on the end-user software WAPT.