We supported static linking for Delphi and Win32, and FPC on a lot of targets (Win32, Win64, Linux-x86, Linux-x64, Linux-Arm32, Darwin-x86, Darwin-x64...).
Now it is also available for Delphi and Win64!

You need to update your https://github.com/synopse/mORMot revision, or refresh both your fossil clone and download again https://synopse.info/files/sqlite3obj.7z to retrieve the new sqlite3.o file.

Note that the Delphi/Win64 sqlite3.o does not match the FPC/Win64 sqlite3.o file, for several low-level linking reasons.
Our SynSQLite3Static.pas unit will just use the right version for you. :)

I have also updated the documentation to reflect this new feature, and properly state how to compile SQLite3 from its official sources, if needed.

Comments and feedback is welcome in our forum, as usual !