I will present a cut-down version of Domain-Driven-Design, which I named Kingdom Driven Design.
In short, a way of coding with relaxed rules, but similar isolation principles than DDD.
See https://entwickler-konferenz.de/software-architecture-and-design/kingdom-driven-design/
and https://entwickler-konferenz.de/software-architecture-and-design/social-media-kdd-with-mormot/
The first session is about KDD principles, and the second is a practical approach, presenting running code of a new GPL project.

A half day workshop will present one less-known feature of mORMot, which is its MVC Web abilities.
See https://entwickler-konferenz.de/software-architecture-and-design/mormot-linux-and-mvc-web/

Hope I will meet some of you, and drink some good German beer(s) together! :)