First of all, since FPC - and Lazarus, its sibling IDE - are Open Source and free, we can focus on mainly support a single version of the compiler.
Since some missing RTTI for interfaces were recently merged into the trunk, we start from the current FPC trunk as our main version. Easier than maintaining Delphi 5 - 10.2 compability!

To install it, we usually use the fpcupdeluxe tool: you download a single binary for your platform, then you run the executable, pickup the compiler (or cross-compiler) versions you need, and everything is downloaded and compiled from git/svn on your own computer. Then click on the desktop link, and the IDE launches in seconds. Nice fresh air in respect to Delphi setup experience!

As I wrote, in the last weeks/months, we worked a lot to improve FPC support.

Just a few commits:

As you can see, exciting times!
To be honest, the more we work with FPC as a compiler, the more we like it.
Staty tuned, and we encourage you to discover FPC/Lazarus!