Did you notice the new https://www.beginend.net web site, by Eric Grange?

It is a blog feeds aggregator web site, dedicated to Delphi!

It features:

  • a maintained list of websites (including our very little blog);
  • fast to load - thanks to good use of CDN;
  • is not polluted by ads;
  • nor breaking the links due to a topmost invasive frame (as with some alternatives);
  • is written in ObjectPascal/SmartPascal (even the JavaScript part was converted using the DWS compiler);
  • is using our SynSQlite3 unit as its own database;
  • developed by a dedicated Delphier - so I guess it will rule for years.

It just replaced DelphiFeeds on my bookmark page!

Congrats Eric for the good work!