Here is a request which would for instance display the "Feature Request" tickets, with a description field which would be either the old "comment", either from the new TICKETCHNG table:

CASE WHEN status IN ('Open','Verified') THEN '#f2dcdc'
WHEN status='Review' THEN '#e8e8e8'
WHEN status='Fixed' THEN '#cfe8bd'
WHEN status='Tested' THEN '#bde5d6'
WHEN status='Deferred' THEN '#cacae5'
ELSE '#c8c8c8' END AS 'bgcolor',
substr(tkt_uuid,1,10) AS '#',
datetime(ticket.tkt_mtime) AS 'mtime',
datetime(min(ticketchng.tkt_mtime)) AS 'ttime',
coalesce(comment,icomment) AS '_Remarks'
FROM ticket
LEFT JOIN ticketchng ON ticket.tkt_id=ticketchng.tkt_id
WHERE status='Open' AND type='Feature_Request'
GROUP BY ticket.tkt_id
ORDER BY ticket.tkt_mtime

This is what is used in our source code repository.

By the way, we did enhance the mORMot official project RoadMap to list only the main features on which we are currently working, then push all feature request to-do list as corresponding tickets.
Our future may sound more easy to guess now.
Feedback is welcome in our forum, as usual!