So they officially switch to "Native":

For users of your apps, .NET Native offers these advantages:

  • Fast execution times
  • Consistently speedy startup times
  • Low deployment and update costs
  • Optimized app memory usage

See this official MSDN article for reference...

Isn't it that we, Delphi users, claimed since decades?

Isn't it that an Open Source project like our little mORMot show?

And you can use "native UI controls" with Delphi or FPC, if you need to.

Do not trust the marketing sirens, even more if they are sponsored by billion dollar companies...
I would not trust the Embarcadero marketers by all means, but at least they were ahead of time and pushing a right argument here...
I'm less pleased by the NextGen roadmap, and performance loss of this model in its current implementation...

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