Git, as a source control manager system, sounds pretty good for handling the source code tree.
Pretty similar to fossil (it is a distributed SCM), but much heavier and difficult to install/configure.

But I would not say the same for the "GitHub for Windows" tool.
For a somewhat huge project like mORMot, it is slow, non responsive, and, after waiting a lot, uses more than 400 MB just to display the repository.
Sometimes, it just crashes. The UI looks nice, but is very difficult to work with.
Another awfully fat and non working WPF / .Net application!

Tickets and wiki will remain on our own site.
But source code repository will be committed on both system, i.e. our self-hosted Fossil repository, and GitHub.

We wrote a simple tool to make this easy:

"GitHub for Windows" was not an option for us!
What a bloatware!

Feedback is welcome on our forum, as usual.