Logging could be very handy for interactive debug of a client application.

Since our TSynLog / TSQLLog class feature an optional ouput to a console, you are able to see in real-time the incoming requests - see for instance how 14 - Interface based servicesProject14ServerHttp.pas sample is initialized:

  // define the log level
  with TSQLLog.Family do begin
    Level := LOG_VERBOSE;
    EchoToConsole := LOG_VERBOSE; // log all events to the console
  // create a Data Model
  aModel := TSQLModel.Create([],ROOT_NAME);

You can select which events are to be echoed on the console (perhaps you expect only errors to appear, for instance).

Note that this echoing process slow down the logging process a lot, since it is currently implemented in a blocking mode, and flushes each row to the log file. This feature is therefore disabled by default, and not to be enabled on a production server, but only to make interactive debugging easier.

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