A new mORMot user notified on our forum that he just made a short video, about authentication and security with our framework, from the perspective of an AJAX Client.
Many thanks for sharing your experiences!

This video illustrate how RESTful authentication is implemented by mORMot.
It compares also with the unsecured scheme used with DataSnap - pretty informative.

Click here to watch the 5 minutes video.

Each time you are logged, a light session is created on the server, and is the root of all mORMot advanced security attributes.
Also a big difference with the heavy implementation of DataSnap session handling.

Note that the 1.18 upcoming revision feature Windows Authentication, i.e. automatic log with your Windows credentials.
With it, it is not even necessary to enter/remember/manage your login/password pair: mORMot is able to use your Windows domain security to let you connected.

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