Our SynPdf library was released as part of every mORMot version.
But the stand-alone .zip was still in 1.15 revision.

I have updated it, and now it reflects the latest version from our source code repository (i.e. 1.18).
Open Source, working from Delphi 5 up to XE3.

Thanks to nice proposals - like those from Sinasa - conversion engine from metafile content is pretty complete.
Font fallback has been introduced for glyphs not available in the current font, and some issues have been identified and fixed.
SynPdf unit can now link to standard ZLib.pas unit if you want to use it stand-alone and do not need our faster SynZip.pas + deflate.obj + trees.obj.

Forum and feedback are welcome on our forum.
Direct download link is available in our Download section.