First go to the mORMot main page - it will state that it allows to add basic ORM or Client-Server features to simple applications for hobbyists, or let experienced users develop scaling and strong service-based projects for their customers.

  • You have a client-server ORM over in-memory storage, SQLite3, ODBC/OleDB/Oracle databases (you can even mix engines in the same app);
  • You have client-server services defined by interface - think of light WCF for Delphi, using JSON and REST;
  • And all needed cross-domain tools, like cache, security, reporting, logging, UI, i18n...

Browse the download page.
Then get the source, read the ReadMe.txt file, and consult the main Software Architecture Document ("SAD") pdf file - version 1.17 - no need to read all 800 pages, just the introduction and first diagrams.

All libraries are decoupled (trying to follow SOLID principle), but are used alltogether within a mORMot application.
You can use e.g. only kernel-mode http.sys server, or the pdf generation, or the reporting, or the SQlite3 engine, or the SynDB database access. But if you mix all those in a mORMot application, you'll get everything needed to create up to the most demanding Domain-Driven-Design architecture.

There is e.g. the "SynFile main demo" which is a working example of client-server ORM application. The "SAD" pdf has some guide detailing how this demo works.
You will find out with this demo how Client-Server, ORM, SQLite3, UI and report generation, pdf export units are linked together.

We need to improve the web site - graphic designer and marketer help is definitively needed...
Some OpenSource projects have a nice front page on the web, but no documentation nor working code (they are still in the startup/investment phase). mORMot has a huge documentation with large amount of working code - but web site is not where we spent the most of our time.
Help is needed!

Thanks for the comment!