I can not believe this is not an abusive licensing clause.
Forbid someone to use a product for its own use was always hard to figure, but in this case it sounds infamous.
Could make sense to say that if you make more than 1,000 $ with their product, you will have to buy a Pro license, and that a Starter is not enough.
But imagine you want to create a Client-Server application for non-profit target (like a home app). You won’t be allowed to do it unless you buy an Entreprise version.
In the 21th century, pretty everything is connected, i.e. Client-Server. Even a browser start to behave like a server (via websocks and such).
Pretty abusive clause.
Delphi killer.

Damn show-stopper for me.

And now, you’ll have to pay for a lot of stuff you really don’t need nor use.

This leads us to a clear switch to FreePascalCompiler or good old Delphi 7/2007 for the server part, and something like SmartMobileStudio for the client GUI part (rich AJAX apps work on Win&Mac Desktop, iPhone, Android, and even Metro). Our framework is fully Unicode even before Delphi 2009, so we won’t need the overweight of Delphi 2009+.
‘Trop c’est trop’ as we say in France.

I hope this was just an attempt from Embarcadero, and they won't officialize this statement.
Delphi users have to react and share their indignation.
There are other nice products around, so it would be pretty easy to switch.
And BTW, we do not want to pay for something we do not want! Product bundling can pass for a few components, or IDE features, but if you just want to have the RTL and basic VCL (as for mORMot), this is abusive to buy an Entreprise license (XE2 upgrade for Pro was €499, and upgrade to Entreprise €1299). I can't pay €800 extra just for the right of using something I develop and debugged myself, sharing it as OpenSource! If a Starter edition at €149 is enough to run mORMot apps, why should I pay for ten times more?
Perhaps Embacardero is facing the issue that some Open Source stuff like mORMot is better and more complete that their DataSnap / DBExpress layers. But I do not believe so. They just want to make more money on our back.

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