In order to avoid mixing the ORM and DB features with RAD units, we decided to add two new units:

  • SynDBVCL unit to handle DB VCL dataset using SynDB data access.
    This is for direct connection to the DB using our SynDB classes. May be handy.
  • SQLite3VCL unit to fill a DB VCL dataset using TSQLTable/TSQLTableJSON data access, as returned from our RESTful JSON server.

This first draft uses a TClientDataSet in memory to set the data.
Not perfect, but working. It was not meant for huge amount of data, so you have an optional parameter to stop filling the TDataSet when a specified number of data rows is reached.
And, for performance reasons, you would better install the nice Midas speed up patch by Andy, with Delphi older than Delphi 2009 Update 3.

Feedback is welcome on our forum.