In particular, the "Exec & Export" new button is able to export any SQL statement result into:

  • Regular CSV file (ready to be imported in Excel);
  • Regular TXT file (columns are separated with a tab character);
  • Standard JSON content (ready for any AJAX application);
  • Our more compact JSON format (column names are not duplicated on each row);
  • Synopse BigTable records (with fixed sized records for integers columns);
  • Synopse BigTable records (with variable-length records for integers columns);
  • A SQLite3 database file (creating a table with all necessary columns).

This direct export feature won't use a temporary memory buffer, just with the regular "Export" button, which exports the grid on screen.
Therefore, it will be faster, and will be able to handle any amount of data. You can export gigabytes of data directly from the tool, then consume it offline as regular SQLite3 tables or very efficient Synopse BigTable records. With a map & reduce architecture, it can be very handy to process huge amount of data. Or it can be used to convert an existing database layout into a SQLite3 database.

Thanks to these enhancements, this little tool begins to be a very nice SQL and database management tool.

All this is made possible due to the unique architecture of our SynDB classes. Their design appears to be powerful and open, at the same time: it allows easy mix of very diverse data structures like BigTable or SQLite3, far away from the RAD layout.

A visual Query Designer is also in alpha stage (select several tables, then right click on your mouse), and will become a powerful entry point for the database reverse engineering of our mORMot framework (i.e. the upcoming TSQLRecordMapped* classes). Up to now, you can JOIN visualy your tables with this right-click approach. But it will shortly become a powerful way of managing any RDBMS as objects.

Feedback and comments are welcome in our forum.