As you can see, if we step into the implementation details, there is a huge list of enhancements and new features.

Let's face each unit modification list:


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)
  • TSynLog now writes the elapsed time (in us) for Enter/Leave events, and will flush the log content to disk on any exception (for safety)
  • new sllTrace and sllWarning levels for TSynLog class
  • new TSynLog.DefaultExtension property (set to '.log' by default)
  • new TSynLogFile.LogProc[] property for customer-side method profiling, with LogProcSort method available for sorting the resulting array, and LogProcMerged property to merge the location name timing
  • new TSynMapFile.FindLocation method for high-level .map symbol access
  • TSynMapFile now handles huge .map file (bigger default in-memory buffer)
  • fix potential GPF issue in code using ConvertHexToBin[]
  • new TSynLog.EventCount method
  • new TMemoryMapText.LineContains method for fast case-insensitive search
  • TSynTests now writes the elapsed time in each test in the final report
  • faster late binding process for our variants custom types (i.e. TSynTableVariantType and TSQLDBRowVariantType): you can call SynRegisterCustomVariantType() function to register any other custom variant type, and enhance GetProperty/SetProperty process speed
  • includes our optimized RecordCopy procedure in replacement to the slower default System.@CopyRecord internal RTL function
  • our optimized Move() and FillChar() will replac the default System RTL function, for Delphi versions prior to 2007 (which didn't contain those)
  • new AnsiCharToUTF8(), StringToWinAnsi(), WideStringToWinAnsi(), WideStringToUTF8(), CSVOfValue(), IdemPCharArray(), FindUnicode(), UpperCaseUnicode(), LowerCaseUnicode() and Split() functions
  • faster GetInt64() function
  • Iso8601ToSecondsPUTF8Char() now returns 0 in case of unexpected format
  • fixed issue in StrCurr64() low-level conversion routine
  • fixed issue in Utf8DecodeToRawUnicodeUI() function
  • new TSynTableFieldProperties.OrderedIndexRefresh method, to allow access on OrderedIndex[] even if the index needs to be refreshed
  • new TDynArrayHashed.AddAndMakeUniqueName() method and Hash[] property
  • new TRawByteStringStream class (a TStream using a RawByteString as internal storage), especially useful since Delphi 2009
  • new TSynNameValue object, to efficiently handle Name/Value RawUTF8 pairs
  • TTextWriter.CreateOwnedStream now create an internal TRawByteStringStream instance for faster process and direct retrieval in the Text method
  • JSONEncode*() global functions will use an internal TRawByteStringStream instead of a supplied TMemoryStream
  • new FormatUTF8() overloaded function, handling both '%' and '?' parameters (inserting '?' as inlined :(...): parameters, with proper string quote) - with associated regression tests


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)
  • new sftModTime / TModTime published field type in TSQLRecord, which will be set to the current server time stamp before update/adding
  • new sftCreateTime / TCreateTime published field type in TSQLRecord, which will be set to the current server time stamp at record creation
  • new TSQLRest.ServerTimeStamp property, which will return the current server time as TTimeLog/Int64 value (will use the new /TimeStamp RESTful service to retrieve the exact server time)
  • TSQLRestServerStaticInMemory uses a per-Table Critical Section to have its EngineList, EngineRetrieve, EngineAdd, EngineUpdate, EngineDelete, EngineRetrieveBlob, EngineUpdateBlob methods begin thread-safe
  • enhanced TSQLRestServer.URI thread-safety (e.g. Sessions access)
  • TSQLTable.InitFieldTypes will now also use column type retrieved during JSON parsing
  • new TSQLTable.GetCSVValues method
  • GetJSONValues() is now using an internal TRawByteStringStream when the expected result is a RawUTF8 (avoid copying content twice, and is perfectly thread-safe)
  • the shared fTempMemoryStream is not available any more (not thread-safe)
  • new TSQLRest.AcquireWrite/ReleaseWrite protected methods, used by TSQLRestServer.URI to safely write to the DB (e.g. for POST/PUT/DELETE...) with TSQLRest.AcquireWriteTimeOut, both thread-safe and transaction-safe
  • TSQLRest.TransactionBegin / Commit / RollBack methods now expect a SessionID parameter in order to allow safe concurent access: writing to the database is queued within a single client session
  • CreateSQLMultiIndex and CreateSQLIndex methods now working on external DB virtual tables (using SynDB.TSQLDBConnectionProperties.SQLAddIndex)
  • new TSQLRecordProperties.ExternalTableName and ExternalDatabase fields used by SQLite3DB to handle external SynDB-based database access
  • code refactoring to make TSQLRestServerStatic more generic (for SQLite3DB)
  • TSQLRestServer.UpdateField now accepts to search by ID or by value (used e.g. by rewritten TSQLRestServer.AfterDeleteForceCoherency method)
  • introducing TSQLRecordExternal kind of record, able to use any SynDB external database engine (e.g. OleDB/MSSQL/Oracle/SQLite3)
  • new ExtractInlineParameters procedure to handle :(1234): SQL statements
  • new MakePrivateCopy property in TSQLTableJSON.Create, which will avoid creating a private copy of the JSON (used e.g. in SynDBExplorer to handle very large result sets, with half the memory)
  • new TSQLRecordProperties.SQLUpdateSet, SQLInsertSet and AppendFieldName properties/method (used for external DB handling)
  • new TSQLRecord.Create, TSQLRecord.FillPrepare, TSQLRecord.CreateAndFillPrepare, TSQLRest.OneFieldValue, TSQLRest.MultiFieldValues, TSQLRestClient.EngineExecuteFmt and TSQLRestClient.ListFmt overloaded methods, accepting both '%' and '?' characters in the SQL WHERE format text, inlining '?' parameters with :(...): and auto-quoting strings
  • new UnicodeComparison parameter in TSQLTable.SearchValue to handle property non WinAnsi (code page 1252) characters
  • fixed issue in TPropInfo.GetBinary method with dynamic arrays (used e.g. by TSQLRestServerStaticInMemory.SaveToBinary)
  • fixed issue with TAuthSession.IDCardinal=0 after 76 connections
  • fixed issue in SetInt64Prop() with a setter method
  • fixed potential issue in TSQLTable.SearchValue in case of invalid Client supplied parameter (now checks TSQLRest class type)


  • updated SQLite3 engine to version 3.7.8
  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)
  • transactions now following a safe concurent access (both thread-safe and client/connection-safe) - but authentication should be enabled
  • the SQLite3 wrapper is now located in a separate SynSQLite3 unit: this will allow to use it as a separate database engine, e.g. using SynDB classes without the overhead/features of our mORMot framework
  • statement cache is now shared with SynDBSQLite3, via the new TSQLStatementCached object as defined in SynSQLite3.pas
  • now TSQLRestServerDB will unregister any TSQLVirtualTableModuleServerDB to avoid random GPF in TSQLVirtualTable.Destroy
  • TSQLRestClientDB and TSQLRestServerDB constructors now accept an optional Password parameter, associated to the supplied file name, in order to use database encryption


  • first public release, corresponding to mORMot Framework 1.15
  • new unit extracting the SQLite3 wrapper from the previous SQLite3 unit: this unit can therefore be used with our SynDB classes (via SynDBSQLite3), without SQLite3Commons overhead (and features)
  • added TSQLRequest.BindNull method and associated sqlite3_bind_null function
  • fixed issue with TSQLDataBase with UseCache=false
  • new TSQLStatementCached object, for caching of prepared SQLite3 statements
  • TSQLDatabase constructors now accepts an optional Password parameter, associated to the supplied file name, in order to use database encryption (not finished nor fully tested feature)


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)
  • handle TIFF saving with diverse compression methods


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)


  • unit now tested with Delphi XE2 (32 Bit)
  • fixed issue in HTTP_RESPONSE.SetHeaders


  • first public release, corresponding to mORMot Framework 1.15
  • new unit handling Virtual tables for DB direct access classes for the mORMot framework


  • SynDB unit extracted from previous SynOleDB.pas
  • TQueryValue.As* methods now handle NULL column as 0 or ''
  • added new TSQLDBRowVariantType custom variant type, allowing late binding access to row columns (not for Delphi 5) - see RowData method
  • fixed transaction handling in a safe abstract manner
  • TSQLDBStatement class now expects a prepared statement behavior, therefore TSQLDBStatementPrepared class has been merged into its parent class, and inherited classes have been renamed TSQLDBStatementWithParams[AndColumns]
  • new TSQLDBStatement.FetchAllAsJSON method for JSON retrieval as RawUTF8
  • exposed FetchAllAsJSON method for ISQLDBRows interface
  • made the code compatible with Delphi 5
  • new TSQLDBConnectionProperties.SQLIso8601ToDate virtual method
  • code refactoring for better metadata (database and table schemas) handling, including GetTableNames, GetFields, GetFieldDefinitions and GetForeignKey methods - will work with OleDB metadata and direct Oracle sys.all_* tables
  • new TSQLDBConnectionProperties.SQLCreate/SQLAddColumn/SQLAddIndex virtual methods (SQLCreate and SQLAddColumn will use the new protected SQLFieldCreate virtual method to retrieve the SQL field definition from protected fSQLCreateField[Max] properties) - as a result, SQL statement generation as requested for mORMot is now much more generic than previously
  • new overloaded TSQLDBStatement.Execute() method, able to mix % and ? parameters in the SQL statement
  • new TSQLDBStatement.BindNull() method
  • new TSQLDBConnectionProperties.NewThreadSafeStatementPrepared and TSQLDBConnection.NewStatementPrepared methods, able to be overriden to implement a SQL statement caching (used e.g. for SynDBSQLite3)
  • new TSQLDBConnection.ServerTimeStamp property, which will return the external database Server current date and time as TTimeLog/Int64 value (current implementation handle Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL database engines - with SQLite3, this will be the local PC time, just as for other DB engines)
  • new overloaded TSQLDBStatement.Bind() method, which can bind an array of const (i.e. an open list of Delphi arguments) to a statement
  • new overloaded TSQLDBStatement.Bind() and ColumnToVarData() methods, able to bind or retrieve values from a TVarData/TVarDataDynArray (used e.g. for direct access to/from SQLite3 virtual table in the SQLite3DB unit)
  • new ColumnTimeStamp method for TSQLDBStatement/ISQLDBRows, returning a TTimeLog/Int64 value for a date/time column


  • SynDB unit extracted from previous SynOleDB.pas
  • several fixes and speed enhancements
  • made the code compatible with Delphi 5
  • TOleDBStatement class now follows the prepared statement pattern introduced with its parent TSQLDBStatement
  • now able to retrieve table names and column information from OleDB metadata including GetTableNames, GetFields, GetFieldDefinitions and GetForeignKey methods - able to use faster direct SQL retrieval (e.g. for Oracle / MS SQL)


  • first public release, corresponding to mORMot Framework 1.15
  • new unit implementing fast Oracle DB direct access classes (via OCI)


  • first public release, corresponding to mORMot Framework 1.15
  • new unit implementing SQLite3 direct access classes to be used with our SynDB architecture
  • use the SQLite3 engine, as wrapped via the new separated SynSQLite3 unit

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