Why is this framework named mORMot?
  • Because its initial identifier was "Synopse SQLite3 database framework", which may induce a SQLite3-only library, whereas the framework is now able to connect to any database engine;
  • Because we like mountains, and those large ground rodents;
  • Because marmots do hibernate, just like our precious objects;
  • Because even if they eat greens, they use to fight hard;
  • Because it may be an acronym for "Manage Object Relational Mapping Over Tables", or whatever you may think of...

I added some general Architecture / Design diagrams, which may help you better understand and use the framework.

All those diagrams were made from plain text, using the GraphViz DOT engine included in SynProject: you write the logic, and the engine draws it for you.

I really like the following picture:

It clearly states how the RESTful architecture implements the connection between client and server, and how ORM and SQLite3 are the core of the server side...
And it could help understand how the SQLite3 Virtual Tables are used (mixing direct REST access and SQL queries even of external databases), and how we now have access to any remote database engine.
It's not magic, it's just some little software design...

"Un dessin vaut mieux qu'un long discours", as we use to say here, in France.

A lot more to discover in these new pdf files!

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