Here are the enhancements of this 1.12 version:
- direct insertion of a picture from the clipboard;
- fix issue with People Name with accents;
- added "Writer=" optional parameter for header in [Project] section;
- added "NoUsesUnits=Yes" parameter in [SAD] in order to avoid any adding of "Units used in..." table in SAD document;
- added custom column widths for \TableNewFeatures[=18,62,20] and \TableBugFixes[=17,10,12,12,49]
- new internal Graphviz EMF creation written in Delphi, directly from SVG (the WinGraphViz EMF writer was buggy): you can have nice looking vectorial diagrams into your documentation (better looking then PNG or JPG).

Executable is downloadable from

You have tutorial and screenshots available, to better understand this major development tool.

I'm preparing a version able to document DotNet projects.
Yes, I know... but my current employer has also developed such projects, and would like to have the power of SynProject available not only for Delphi projects (with the native .pas source parser), but also for DotNet applications.

The documentation of our Synopse SQLite3 framework has been recreated using this latest SynProject version.
It can be downloaded, as pdf files, to guess some real result of this tool.

Feedback and comments are welcome on our forum.