With our framework, it's very easy to create such a table.

The dedicated TSQLRecordFTS3 class enables you to define a FTS3 table, just as easy as for any other table, in pure ORM approach (you don't need to write dedicated SQL statements: the ORM will adapt itself to the FTS3 table, and create the corresponding SQL code for you).

Here are some tips for using this class:
- any record which inherits from this class must have only sftUTF8Text (RawUTF8) fields
- this record has its fID: integer property which may be published as DocID, to be consistent with SQLite3 praxis, and reflect that it points to an ID of another associated TSQLRecord
- a good approach is to store your data in a regular TSQLRecord table, then store your text content in a separated FTS3 table, associated to this TSQLRecord table via its ID/DocID
- the ID/DocID property can be set when the record is added (i.e. the ID field is used when the TSQLRest.Add method is called with a TSQLRecordFTS3  instance), to retrieve any associated TSQLRecord (note that for a TSQLRecord record, the ID property can't be set at adding, but is calculated by the engine)
- static tables don't handle TSQLRecordFTS3 classes
- by default, the FTS3 engine ignore all characters >= #80, but handle low-level case insentivity (i.e. 'A'..'Z') so you must keep your request with the same range for upper case
- by default, the "simple" tokenizer is used, but you can inherits from TSQLRecordFTS3Porter class if you want a better English matching, using the Porter Stemming algorithm
- in order to make FTS3 queries, use the dedicated TSQLRest.FTS3Match method, with the MATCH operator (you can use regular queries, but you must specify 'RowID' instead of 'DocID' or 'ID' because of FTS3 Virtual table specificity):

var IDs: TIntegerDynArray;
if FTS3Match(TSQLMyFTS3Table,'text MATCH "linu*"',IDs) then
// you've all matching IDs in IDs[]

Here is an example of such a FTS3 table:

TFTS3Test = class(TSQLRecordFTS3)
  fSubject: RawUTF8;
  fBody: RawUTF8;
  property Subject: RawUTF8 read fSubject write fSubject;
  property Body: RawUTF8 read fBody write fBody;
property DocID: integer read fID write fID;

See the TestFTS3 procedure in the SQlite3.pas unit, for an example of how such a record can be handled.

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