Features added by contribution of REDDWARF / ONDREJ - THANKS! 

Here are the modifications included in this release:

- new feature: allow forced JPEG compression for graphics (useful if you want to send your pdf files over the Internet);
- new feature: UNDERLINE + STRIKEOUT support (also in RICH TEXT and rotated text !);
- new USE_SYNGDIPLUS conditional if you want to use the default jpeg unit instead of our SynGdiPlus (but you loose TIF, PNG, and GIF support);
- enhanced: PenWidth changed to Single -> better precision (e.g. for underlined text);
- fix issue: Rotated text was misplaced for some angles;
- some small fixes about FillRect() + scaling, and move/line stroke.

REDDWARF / ONDREJ shared a very good work - I just made some code refactoring.
Amazing contribution, in all cases. Hope will be useful.
That's the magic of open source...

To download the updated full source code of this unit, see this forum topic.