Here is the version history details:

Version 1.0
  - initial release 

Version 1.1
  - Fix save on disk issue, when some items are deleted but none added 
  - enhanced unitary testing procedure 

Version 1.2
  - new TSynBigTableString class to store data from a UTF-8 encoded string ID instead of a numerical ID
  - added caching for last Get() items (may speed up next Get() a little bit) 
  - custom Get() method for range retrieval into a dynamic array 
  - TSynBigTable modified in order to handle custom data in header (used to store string IDs for TSynBigTableString for instance)
  - whole engine more robust against any file corruption or type mistmatch 
  - Count property returned an incorrect value (including deleted values) 
  - added timing (in 1/10 ms) for test steps 
  - version 1.2b: even (much) faster TSynBigTableString.Add() 

Version 1.3
  - new Open() Read() and Seek() methods to read data like in a TStream 
  - new Clear method to flush the table and rebuild from scratch 
  - don't cache data bigger than 1 MB (to save RAM) 

Version 1.4
  - added RawByteStringFromFile() and FileFromRawByteString() procedures 
  - added TSynBigTable.AddFile() method 

Version 1.7
  - Thread safe version of the Synopse Big Table 

Version 1.8
  - new GetPart() method for retrieving a part of a stored file (to be used especially for big file content)
  - fix issue with files > 2 GB (thanks to sanyin for the report) 

You can freely download the 1.3 updated version from

Released under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.