SQLite3 unit:
- SQLite3 database layer updated to version
- alter table with newly added fields to a TSQLRecord

SQLite3Commons unit:
- SQLite3 database layer updated to version
- most useful functions are now shared in a separate SynCommons unit
- the framework is now licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license
- obscure JSON parsing bug fixed (when a field content finished with '\')
- alter table with newly added fields to a TSQLRecord (see GetSQLAddField() methods)
- some compatibility fixes for Delphi 2009/2010
- fixed bug: negative numbers were not updated when calling *.Update()

SQLite3Pages unit:
- new version, using our SynGdiPlus unit: if the GDI+ is available, it will use it to render the page using its AntiAliased engine
- direct export of the report as PDF, by using our new SynPdf unit

SynPdf unit:
- first public release, corresponding to SQLite3 Framework 1.7
- can use the Windows Uniscribe API to render Ordering and Shaping of the text (see USE_UNISCRIBE conditional below)
- issue corrected in TPdfEnum.DrawBitmap() method - occured e.g. when drawing a bitmap using a VCLCanvas
- rare issue corrected in TPdfWrite.AddUnicodeHexTextUniScribe() method
- added TPdfBox with Width and Height properties
- minor corrections in Uniscribe part of the rendering engine
- added RightToLeftText property in TPdfCanvas (Uniscribe-only)
- handle ETO_RTLREADING option (Uniscribe-only) in VCLCanvas/TMetaFile

SynGdiPlus unit:
- first public release on http://synopse.info blog
- new TGDIPlusFull with most usefull GDI+ primitives (ancestor TGDIPLus only handles pictures)
- TGDIPlusFull loads dynamicaly the latest GDI+ version available on the system, i.e. the 1.1 version bundled with Office 2003/2007 (all the other pascal GDI+ units use static linking, therefore only link to the OS version, even if a newer one if available within the Office folder)
- draw an EMF created from GDI commands into a GDI+ Antialiased canvas (this unit can work without the GDI+ library, e.g. under Windows 98 or 2000, but won't use new pictures format nor antialiasing)

The full source code from the framework is available to download from SynopseSQLite3.zip licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.
Compatible with Delphi 7 to Delphi 2010.