Here are the main changes to this version:
    - new Open() Read() and Seek() methods to read data like in a TStream
    - new Clear method to flush the table and rebuild from scratch
    - don't cache data bigger than 1 MB (to save RAM)

You can freely download the 1.3 updated version from

The purpose of this unit seems not to be very clear. Here are some typical usage:

What are these classes meant for?
- store thunmbails of pictures which content is not intented to change
- a logging or read/only audit trail mechanism (this kind of data is not often deleted)
- access to compressed data on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (see our Open Source compression libraries in our web site) - you can even add items to the list, since they will remain in memory; but they will be lost when you close the file
- cache a huge quantity of generated HTML or XML pages
- add a simple storage and data persistence to your application, in a few KB of code
- have an easy way to share data between Delphi 7 and Delphi 2010 applications, without any Unicode headache
- etc... etc...

What are these classes NOT for?
- replacing NTFS - go to Linux and pick the right file system you want
- storing hierarchical data (like directories) - use B-Tree instead
- store big data items (more than some MB)
- store data elements which change a lot, and which are often deleted
- replace a SQL database engine - use our SQLite3 framework instead
- save your soul or make me rich