SQLite3Commons unit:
- SQLite3 database layer updated to version 3.6.23
- User Interface Query action implementation
- added security attributes to the named pipes creation: now this communication layer can work as a windows service, under Vista or Seven (thanks to esmond comment in our blog for the tip)
- added new FastCGI server (not 100% tested) - see below
- first attempt to add REST paging requests for 'GET ModelRoot/TableName', as expected by the YUI DataSource Request Syntax for data pagination: see http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/datatable/#data

SQLite3 unit:
- included FTS3 embedded sqlite3fts3.obj version in the distribution: just define the INCLUDE_FTS3 conditional in SQLite3.pas to enable FTS3 in your application.

SQLite3FastCgiServer unit:
(new HTTP/1.1 RESTFUL JSON SQLite3 Server implementation, using FASTCGI)
- new server class, using FASTCGI to communicate with an external dedicated HTTP Server (tested with lighttpd under Linux via CrossKylix compile), using the LibFastCgi external library
- can use either the standard client library (libfcgi.dll or libfcgi.so), either an embedded 100% pascal FastCGI client (for Windows only) - not fully tested yet on real production project

SQLite3HttpServer unit:
- by default, the SQlite3 unit is now not included, in order to save some code space

SQLite3HttpClient unit:
- test HTTP connection in both KeepAlive and with new connection for each request (an issue with no KeepAlive connections was detected)

And a lot of modifications, fixes, and enhancements in the UI part of the framework.
The source code of the framework, now in version 1.5, can be downloaded in SynopseSQLite3.zip  

Still need some sample and documentation, I know...
I'm working on it (with our GPL SynProject utility - to be released soon)...