The source code of the framework, now in version 1.4, can be downloaded in

Here are the highlighted modifications made to the framework:

  • whole Synopse SQLite3 database framework released under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3, instead of generic "Public Domain"
  • fix a bug happening when multiple HTTP connections were opened and closed in the same program
  • new HTTP Client/Server sample application
  • HTTP/1.1 RESTFUL JSON Client and Server split into two units (SQLite3HttpClient and SQLite3HttpServer)
The HTTP Client/Server sample application can be used to show how the framework is AJAX-ready, and can be proudly compared to a REST server (like CouchDB):
  1. Start the Project04Server.exe program: the background HTTP server, together with its SQLite3 database engine;
  2. Start any Project04Client.exe instances, and add/find any entry, to populate the database a little;
  3. Close the Project04Client.exe programs, if you want;
  4. Open your browser, and type into the address bar:
  5. You'll see an error message:
    TSQLite3HttpServer Server Error 400
  6. Type into the address bar:
  7. You'll see the result of all SampleRecord IDs, encoded as a JSON list, e.g.
  8. Type into the address bar:
  9. You'll see the content of the SampleRecord of ID=1, encoded as JSON, e.g.
    {"ID":1,"Time":"2010-02-08T11:07:09","Name":"AB","Question":"To be or not to be"}
  10. Type into the address bar any other REST command, and the database will reply to your request;
  11. You've got a full HTTP/SQLite3 RESTful JSON server within less than 400KB :)