You can download the Open Source version of the framework in the file

Here are some highlights of the modifications:

    - disconnect piped name client after 30 min of inactivity to free the corresponding thread resource if the client failed to close cleanly
    - some small fixes (e.g. integer to and from string conversion, GPF) and multi-compiler (Delphi 2009/2010, especialy with TypInfo define) compatibility
    - compiler conditional renamed ENHANCEDRTL instead of ENHANCEDTRTL
    - new TSQLTable.GetRowValues overloaded methods
    - TService debug and enhancements
    - allow backup directly into a custom file (not only a custom directory)
    - on-the-fly Restore of the database from a compressed backup file

If you are curious, don't forget to take a look at the included SynZip and SynCrypto units. I think you'll find the fastest Zip compression and AES/SHA/MD5 units for Delphi.

The SynCrtSock unit itself is a light but powerful replacement for Indy or Synapse. It does not depend on the SQLite3 framework. Just want to send an email or get a file from HTTP in pure Delphi code? Here is the place!