Here are the main modifications of this version 1.2 of the framework:

  • compatibility tested up to Delphi 2009, with or without our Enhanced Run Time Library (which now compiles up to Delphi 2007) - by default, the ENHANCEDTRTL compiler conditional is not defined;
  • lot of rewrite made for the Unicode version of the compiler (tested with Delphi 2009) - it was quite difficult to avoid most implicit conversions... the compiler is a bit tricky, as soon as you want to use the UTF-8 encoding (as we do, since JSON and HTTP do like this encoding, together as SQLite3), and not Unicode (which is in fact UTF-16);
  • can create an internal TSQLRestClientURIMessage messaging window, if you don't have any User Interface (so you don't have to add Forms unit);
  • named pipe speed improvement (10 times faster) under Vista and Seven.
As usual, you can download the whole Open Source framework for free, in
Since I validated the sources for only Delphi 7, 2007 and 2009, I would like some feedback from other versions.
You now have a whole Unicode (or not) SQLite3 wrapper (statically linked: no external dll required), very fast, together with a true ORM framework, and a JSON/RESTful client/server model with diverse communication layers (direct access, windows messages, named pipe, HTML). Don't forget to test the included reporting system, and the auto-generated User interface.