It's a major update, with the support for compilation without our Enhanced RTL. It should compile from Delphi 3 to Delphi 2007. Just define the {$define NOENHANCEDTRTL} conditional at line 82 of the SQLite3Commons unit, and at line 11 of the SQLite3i18n unit.

We tried to add UNICODE compatibility, that is compilation under Delphi 2009/2010. It was not fully tested yet, but the code has been deeply rewritten, in order to provide compatibility with the String=UnicodeString paradigm of these compilers. The HTTP communication layer is not ready yet (still need to hack the synsock library).

Since our SQLite3 framework is natively UTF-8 (this is the better character encoding for fast text - JSON - streaming/parsing and it is natively supported by the SQLite3 engine), we changed a lot the way our framework used strings. Some string types have been defined, and used in the code for best cross-compiler efficiency (avoiding most conversion between formats):

  •     RawUTF8 is used for every internal data usage, since both SQLite3 and JSON do expect UTF-8 encoding
  •     WinAnsiString where WinAnsi-encoded AnsiString (code page 1252) are needed
  •     generic string for i18n (in unit SQLite3i18n), i.e. text ready to be used within the VCL, as either AnsiString (for Delphi 2 to 2007) or UnicodeString (for Delphi 2009/2010)
  •     RawUnicode in some technical places (e.g. direct Win32 *W() API call in Delphi 7) - note: this type is NOT compatible with Delphi 2009/2010 UnicodeString
  •     RawByteString for byte storage (e.g. for FileFromString() function)
  •     some special conversion functions to be used for Delphi 2009/2010 UnicodeString  (defined inside {$ifdef UNICODE}...{$endif} blocks)
  •     never use AnsiString directly
We started the Free Pascal Compiler conversion (for version 2.4.0) of the framework.
  • the FPC RTTI is not the same as Delphi's... :( so we had to add a dependency to the external typinfo.pp unit
  • the 64 bit compiler is prepared: all optimized asm code blocks have been rewritten into pure pascal, and PtrInt/PtrUInt were used for pointer to integer conversion
  • use advanced function inlining and typical FPC optimization where possible
  • cross-platform first attempt (not finished yet, only compiled under Win32)
  • it's a work in progress: help welcome here!
Some new interesting features:
  • SQLite3 database layer updated to version 3.6.22 (corresponding .obj file supplied)
  • new communication layer, to be used on a local computer: windows messages (see TSQLRestClientURIMessage class). On a local machine, this is faster than named pipes and http, for small messages (quite as fast as direct access); but named pipes seems to be better for bigger messages
  • Windows service access (control and writing), without the standard heavy VCL using data modules
  • some speed enhancements, code rewrite and comments added - documentation is quite ready to be posted on this website!
You can download freely the updated source code of the framework in the file.
The LVCL (our Light VCL) has been updated and can be downloaded in the file.