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CopyRecord faster proposal

After some speed debates occurred in the Delphi community, I've rewritten the _CopyRecord function of the system.pas unit, with speed in mind.

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Enhanced System Run Time for Delphi 7 and Delphi 2007

 I managed to get our RTL work with Delphi 2007. Only System.pas and SysInit.pas are supplied (and needed) for Delphi 2007. Even if some John O'Harrow or Pierre Le Riche modifications were already included in Delphi 2007, some of my tricks are unique and could be useful even on this compiler.

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Updated Enhanced System Run Time patches

It did appear that some diverse VCL source code files were provided, with the same official version. So I made some diverse patches, in order that everyone could get our enhancements.

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New Enhanced System Run Time Distribution

Tonight, I received an email from Nick Hodges, the Delphi Development Manager, about our distribution of some corrections/enhancements of the Delphi 7 System and VCL source code.

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Enhanced Run Time library for Delphi 7

Purpose of these files is to provide speed and bug corrections to the Run Time Library and the VCL of Delphi 7.

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