In our SQLite3 Open Source framework, for Delphi 7-2010, you can follow this development pattern:
- Data Tier is either SQLite3 and/or an internal very fast in-memory database, most SQL queries are created on the fly;
- Logic Tier is performed by pure ORM aspect: you write Delphi classes which are mapped by the Data Tier into the database, and you can write your business logic in both Client or Server side, just by adding some events or methods to the classes;
- Presentation Tier is either a Delphi Client, either an AJAX application, because the framework can communicate using RESTful JSON over HTTP/1.1 (the Delphi Client User Interface is generated from Code, by using RTTI and structures, not as a RAD - and the Ajax applications need to be written by using your own tools and JavaScript framework, there is no "official" Ajax framework used yet).

If you need a RAD approach, it's perhaps not the right tool for you.
But if you like describing your application with classes, it's worth taking a look at it, and contributes to this open source project!

We can give you more details about each Tier/Layer in our forum.