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2016, Friday April 22

Support of Delphi 10.1 Berlin

You should have noticed that Delphi 10.1 Berlin has been released.

Our Open Source projects, including mORMot and SynPDF and their associated documentation have been updated to support this new revision.
Any additional feedback is welcome, as usual!

2015, Monday September 21

Embarcadero bought by Idera

Just a link found on Internet.

Jefferies is also leading a US$425m covenant-lite credit to back Idera's acquisition of Embarcadero Technologies. Idera is backed by TA Associates. The deal, which launches on Thursday, includes a US$25m revolving credit, a US$300m first-lien term loan and a US$100m second-lien term loan.

Perhaps some company name change!
I wonder what it may lead for Delphi's future. May be some time to "optimize" the acquisition, and "manage" a new line of products.
But if Embarcadero is worth buying, it means that Delphi's is worth betting on!

They may find out that they should focus on the compiler stuff, and that Open Source is a chance, not a competitor.