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2013, Wednesday April 24

mORMots know how to swim like fishes

Another great video by warleyalex.

This time, a full FishFacts demo in AJAX, using mORMot and its SQLite3 ORM as server.

See it on YouTube!

Feedback is welcome on our forum.


I've just uploaded the corresponding source code to our repository.
See sample 19 - AJAX ExtJS FishFacts.
You need to download the corresponding DB file to run the sample.

2013, Tuesday April 2

Two videos about EXTjs client of mORMot server

Two nice videos, posted by a framework user.

The first one presents a remote RESTful access of a SQLite3 database, hosted by a mORMot server:

After one post in the forum, warleyalex was able to easily add remote filtering of the request:

In addition to the previous video about security (by which the mORMot authentication model seems much more secure than DataSnap's), this is a very nice demo!
Thanks a lot, warleyalex for the feedback and information!

2013, Sunday January 27

Video about mORMot authentication

A new mORMot user notified on our forum that he just made a short video, about authentication and security with our framework, from the perspective of an AJAX Client.
Many thanks for sharing your experiences!

This video illustrate how RESTful authentication is implemented by mORMot.
It compares also with the unsecured scheme used with DataSnap - pretty informative.

Click here to watch the 5 minutes video.

Each time you are logged, a light session is created on the server, and is the root of all mORMot advanced security attributes.
Also a big difference with the heavy implementation of DataSnap session handling.

Note that the 1.18 upcoming revision feature Windows Authentication, i.e. automatic log with your Windows credentials.
With it, it is not even necessary to enter/remember/manage your login/password pair: mORMot is able to use your Windows domain security to let you connected.

Feedback is welcome on our forum.

2012, Friday November 23

Speed comparison between WCF, Java, DataSnap and mORMot

Roberto Scheinders wrote a nice blog post about performance and stability of DataSnap XE3, compared with mORMot and some other available frameworks.

Compared frameworks were:

  • DataSnap (Delphi)
  • mORMot (Delphi)
  • Jersey/Grizzly (Java)
  • Node.JS (JavaScript)

In short, DataSnap was slow and not stable (concurrent test was crashing the application), whereas mORMot was very stable, very fast (faster than any other in concurrent mode), and used much less memory.

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2011, Thursday September 1

DataSnap-like Client-Server JSON RESTful Services in Delphi 6-XE5

Article update:
The server side call back signature changed since this article was first published in 2010. 
Please refer to the documentation or this forum article and associated commit.
The article was totally rewritten to reflect the enhancements.
And do not forget to see mORMot's interface-based services!

Note that the main difference with previous implementation is the signature of the service implementation event, which should be now exactly:
procedure MyService(Ctxt: TSQLRestServerURIContext);
(note that there is one unique class parameter, with no var specifier)
Please update your code if you are using method-based services!

You certainly knows about the new DataSnap Client-Server features, based on JSON, introduced in Delphi 2010. … plications

We added such communication in our mORmot Framework, in a KISS (i.e. simple) way: no expert, no new unit or new class. Just add a published method Server-side, then use easy functions about JSON or URL-parameters to get the request encoded and decoded as expected, on Client-side.

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