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2018, Tuesday January 2

Happy New mORMot Year


Happy New mORMot Year 2018!

And thanks Mario for the video!

2017, Saturday November 11

Job Opportunities at LiveMon

You like working with mORMot ?

We're hiring new developers at LiveMon

We're a full-remote team (with a monthly gather-up in Paris), working on a real-time AI-powered monitoring tool.
I joined LiveMon this week, and we will work together on this exciting project, using mORMot and FPC!

Contact us at jobs at livemon dot com !

PS: You can send your resumé to this email address, preferably with link to some code you wrote (we like reading clean code!).
We offer remote work from home, if possible from Western Europe (for easy gathering in Paris) or the USA (for LiveMon, Inc.), using technical English and object pascal as language (French not required).

2014, Wednesday October 8

Meet in Belgium!

Just a small message to let you know that I was invited, as a speaker to the BE Delphi 2014 event.
This year, the sessions will focus on n-Tier development, so our little mORMot does make sense in the landscape!

If you are in Belgium or in Europe, we would be very pleased to meet you there!

Thanks to the BE-Delphi team to let our little Open Source project be part of this great gathering!

2011, Monday August 15


About the Synopse Informatique company and our Open Source approach.

If your project needs Delphi software development, it's the right place to search.

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2010, Wednesday June 30

Please help and add our blog to DelphiFeeds

If you like our units, please go and visit the Delphi Feeds site. Please login and vote for us!
I think it could be a good idea to add our blog to the Delphi list.
Discussion continues on our forum.

2010, Monday June 21

Synopse Forums

We just launched a dedicated forum for all Synopse components.
Available from