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Synopse PDF engine

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2013, Friday June 21

SynPDF now generates (much) smaller PDF file size

We have reduced PDF generated file size for all version of the PDF format, by trimming any uneeded space in the generated content.

We introduced a new optional PDFGeneratePDF15File property for even better compression, using advanced features (Object Streams and Cross-Reference Streams) of the PDF 1.5 format.
This PDF 1.5 format needs Acrobot 6.0 and up to open them.
Which should be the case on your computer.

Can be up to 70% smaller for a pdf with a lot of pages with simple textual context.

I suspect our library is able to generate the smallest file size possible, even in regard to other alternative libraries.
Open Source can be great, can't it?

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2013, Wednesday June 19

SynPDF now implements 40 bit and 128 bit security

The trunk version of our Open Source SynPdf library now features encryption using 40 bit or 128 bit key size.

This is a long awaiting feature, and sounds working just fine from my tests.
Speed has been optimized (as usual with our libraries), as a consequence encrypting the content will only be slightly slower.

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2012, Wednesday November 28

Synopse PDF Engine 1.18

Our SynPdf library was released as part of every mORMot version.
But the stand-alone .zip was still in 1.15 revision.

I have updated it, and now it reflects the latest version from our source code repository (i.e. 1.18).
Open Source, working from Delphi 5 up to XE3.

Thanks to nice proposals - like those from Sinasa - conversion engine from metafile content is pretty complete.
Font fallback has been introduced for glyphs not available in the current font, and some issues have been identified and fixed.
SynPdf unit can now link to standard ZLib.pas unit if you want to use it stand-alone and do not need our faster SynZip.pas + deflate.obj + trees.obj.

Forum and feedback are welcome on our forum.
Direct download link is available in our Download section.

2011, Sunday September 25

Synopse PDF Engine 1.15

For our PDF generation Open-Source library, this is a small fix update.

It can now be compiled under Delphi XE2.
But it's still working from all previous IDE versions, starting with Delphi 5, and still 100% free - released under GPL/LGPL/MPL license, choice is yours.

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2011, Saturday July 2

Synopse PDF Engine 1.14

Our SynPdf unit has been updated to the 1.14 version.

Some enhancements:

  • new SetCMYKFillColor and SetCMYKStrokeColor methods for TPdfCanvas
  • now handles EMR_POLYBEZIER* commands in conversion from meta file content
  • fixed EZeroDivided error when enumerating SetWindowExtEx(szlExtent(0,0))
  • some enhancements for better PDF/A-1 conformance to the standard: now includes the ICC profile for RGB pictures; corrected /Link flag and XML metadata; new header with 8 bit characters; correct outlines and other minor issues: now pass e.g. validation tests.

Compatible with Delphi 5 up to Delphi XE.

Source code released under GPL/LGPL/MPL license, on choice.
That means: free, like a bird, and like a beer.

Comments and feedback are welcome on our forum.

2011, Monday June 6

Synopse PDF Engine 1.13

Our SynPdf unit has been refreshed to the 1.13 version.

  • code modifications to compile with Delphi 5 compiler;
  • added horizontal scaling for GDI enumeration in case of text kerning (could occur for small fonts);
  • fixed "Save when closing with Acrobat Reader X" - thanks to Ondrej for the fix;
  • fixed clipping problems and vertical font positioning issue in GDI enumeration - thanks to Ondrej for those corrections!
Our pdf engine sounds almost stable by now.
Thanks to the feedback provided by some user of this Open Source library!

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2011, Tuesday February 8

Synopse PDF Engine 1.12

Our SynPdf unit has been refreshed to the 1.12 version.

The main enhancements are:

  • Can now generate PDF/A-1 files;
  • Direct methods for creating bookmarks, links and document outline;
  • Document information can now be Unicode encoded;
  • The bitmaps can be cached and reused  if drawn multiple times;
  • Some corrected issues.

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2010, Sunday October 24

Synopse PDF Engine 1.10

The Synopse PDF Engine was just released under version 1.10

This Engine is a set of units, used in our SQLite3 database framework for exporting reports in pdf format.
But these units can be used stand-alone, in order to produce pdf files from pure Delphi code.

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2010, Wednesday July 14

htm2pdf free tool

Using our SynPDF library and a public domain THtmlView component, and discussion with some of our users, we were able to make a html to pdf conversion tool.

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2010, Wednesday June 30

Making report from code

Did you notice the SQLite3Pages units?
It's a reporting unit included in our SQlite3/mORMot framework, but it can be used standalone...

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Synopse PDF libray 1.8.1

Our PDF engine has been updated, it's now on version 1.8.1.

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2010, Tuesday June 22

Synopse PDF engine 1.8

Our PDF engine has been updated, it's now on version 1.8.

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2010, Thursday May 6

Synopse PDF engine 1.7.2

The Unicode part of the Synopse PDF engine has been updated in order to support right-to-left languages and ligatures (i.e. glyph shaping).

Therefore, our Open Source engine is one of the few PDF producer able to natively handle Arabic languages. Even most commercial engines don't implement this nice feature.

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2010, Monday May 3

Synopse PDF engine

Synopse PDF engine is an Open Source PDF document creation library for Delphi, embedded in one unit. It's used in the 1.7 version of SQLite3 framework, for creating PDF files from reports.

Among its features, you can use a true TCanvas to create the PDF, and embed True Type fonts subsets. Of course, it's Unicode ready, and licensed under a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.

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